username: voncore
password: ********



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trigger warn eyes, furry, piercing, mpreg/other shit.

all other things are fine with me.

von she/her. aquarius. twenty-one. infp 4w5 scuei. chol-mel. italian b!tch.

philosophy enthusiastic. dark academia hoe. digital video designer. bass player. 4023


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misa amane (core). hu tao. reira serizawa. terezi pyrope. cassie howard. rue bennett.
buffy the vampireslayer. euphoria. wandavision. game of thrones. matrix. fight club. dead poets society. lynch/hitchcock filmographie.
kpop and anime fandoms. fandoms in general. moralism. family friendly. disney's live action. racism/homophobic/etc. probably you.
homestuck. marvel. funamusea games. buffyverse. genshin impact. disney movies. backrooms. scp. creepypasta. dhmis. strange theories of everything. maths/physics. glam rock.
keanu reeves. alex turner. bucky barnes (sebastian stan). loki laufeyson. karkat vantas. spike. sal (watgbs). faith lahane. blair waldorf. tyrion lannister. kurapika. kai parker. jim hawkins. flynn ryder. britney spears my goddess.

> i post only and exclusively in Italian.
> i do a lot of vents and i often complain about my things pretend nothing has happened.
> im a SHITPOSTER !! if u dont like it DONT FOLLOW ME.
> i post a lot of nsfw, gore & creepy stuff so if u dont like it dont follow me.
> this is my safe place so don't fuck my dick thanks.
> if you have to start moralizing, theres the door bitch.
> don t call me homophobic / racist / anything just because i dont think in your extreme way, thanks <3

> you are a minor (only 18+)
> you have to criticize
> you are everything i hate
> just, dont brick my balls